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As the name suggests itself Nicosia Prime homes specializes in selling and renting of properties located in Nicosia. By using the efficiencies of the Internet, we have streamlined the real estate process and are able to pass available apts, houses in Nicosia on to our clients. Our licensed Agents are equipped with knowledge and qualifications to combine traditional estate agency with modern technology and sophisticated marketing techniques to provide an outstanding service allowing you to save thousands, for houses and apts in Nicosia  without compromising on service.

As managing principal, we directly involve in every deal, overseeing due diligence and evaluating potential. We offer a service to all our clients local and international that is unparalleled in the area. Not only do we find the right house or apt in Nicosia to purchase or rent but we help you through the planning requirements all the way through to completion.

Our goal is to make every house or apt  sale, rent or purchase a smooth and seamless experience. While every house is unique, what every real estate transaction has in common are dozens of details that require thoughtful organization, smart negotiation and painstaking attention.


Our clients, typically busy professionals, rely on us to manage every step of the process. We feel privileged that our clients entrust us with the most important purchase or sale of house or apt they will ever make. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we believe that our clients deserve our personal attention.

It doesn't matter which side of the sale you're on, we will help you to make a smooth transaction. Whether you are a buyer or a seller our goal is to create a relationship with you in which we can provide all of our services to your needs. Referrals are a major part of our business and are greatly appreciated.

We make a full-time commitment to help you capitalize on current market opportunities and assist you in making an informed decision. We have a Code of Ethics and we are always straightforward and honest with our clients no matter what. We deal with diligence with all our clients and discretion plays a vital part of our business; an element very much appreciated by our clients.